Monday, February 2, 2009

Interview with Sandy Zacky

Perry Twins: When did you first start singing and had you always known that you wanted to pursue music professionally?

Sandy Zacky: I’ve always been singing since I was a little kid, and I sounded pretty pleasant at the time, at least I thought so (laughs) What I did not realize then, is I thought singing was something everyone could do.
My Mother had an absolutely beautiful voice, so to me it was a natural thing for people to do. My Grandmother asked me to sing for her once, because my Mother kept saying: “Sandy sings really well.” I was eight and didn’t want to, but I sang, I don’t remember what; probably The Star Spangled Banner (laughs) My Grandmother was so impressed she wanted to hook me up with a bunch of talent agents. My Mother did not want that to happen, so it didn’t (laughs) Singing is something I love and I have been doing it all my life, I like putting a smile on people’s faces and making them happy.
I pursued a music career professionally after graduating and met the man I was going to marry and put it on the back burner to raise a family. I kept performing around town and at charity events, but my focus was my family. My family is my life; music is my soul.

PT: Many singers would be envious of the fact that you were mentored by Sam Cooke. What was the experience like for you?

SZ: I met Sam Cooke when I was 17 or 18 years old, I was right out of High School. My brother had met him, I am not sure how he hooked up with him, but he did.
My brother brought me in to a big tall office building right on Hollywood Blvd. to meet him. Sam was just a delight, a tremendous gentleman, who listened to me sing and he was really impressed with how young I was and what I could do vocally.
He told me to hang in there; he encouraged me tremendously and gave me some ideas for my future in the music business. Where I could go, what kind of music I should do - he was incredibly helpful. The association was unfortunately cut sho rt because Sam was killed, but to have had any kind of relation with the kind of man Sam Cooke was and the icon that he is, is something I will never forget and always treasure.

PT: The list of Los Angeles clubs at which you have performed is quite impressive. Are there any appearances of yours which stand out as being your favorites?

SZ: When I got back into music one of my favorites was the Rose Tattoo. At first I started doing showcases there, then I started getting hired to do shows on my own. I did tons of shows at the Rose Tattoo, the club no longer exists but it used to be over on Roberson in West Hollywood at Studio One (now The Factory).
I am proud to say the most loyal fans I had were the gays. They would be there for every show I did, they were always sold out! The Gay fans were loving, adorable - They made me feel like 20 Million Bucks! I was going to say a Million but with inflation (laughs).

How do you feel the music business has changed since you first started performing?

SZ: I love it, I embrace it! I want to emphasize this, there are suits out there who make decisions on what types of music will work or won’t work, you know what? Bull crap! That is the only phrase I could think of right now (laughs)
What I think the Internet has done is it has embraced everyone. There are no separations of age, musical style - we all become one. This is not meant to be corny, it is meant to be real, you listen to a sound, I don’t care if you are 18 or 80, and you like it, it does not matter who is performing it. If you love it, you embrace it. No one should be in charge and tell anyone what they “can’t do.”

I would like to add that because of the Internet that I am so proud of the fact that young people have embraced and loved our music.

PT: What CDs do you have for sale and where can they be purchased?

You can purchase my 3 CD’s “Love is Everything” with my incredible singing partner Mike Clifford, “Sandy’s Solos” & “One Olive or Two” at CD Baby, Itunes and they carry “Love is Everything” & “One Olive or Two” at Dorothy’s Surrender in the French Market, West Hollywood, CA.

PT: Do you have an all time favorite song that you love to sing live?

SZ: I love all the songs I sing, but there is one song that is in my heart. When I was 16 my Mother had major surgery, just before that surgery she saw the movie “Carousel” in that show was a song called “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”
To my Mom that song meant everything and when she was recuperating I would sit by her bed and sing it to her. When she passed on in 1980 I have on her headstone: “We will never walk alone we’ll always be beside you.” That is the number one song for me of everything I have sang.

PT: What can fans expect from your upcoming Valentine's show?

SZ: It is at Vitello’s in Studio City, CA - it is a very special show with my singing partner Mike Clifford, and I would love you all to come and see it. The number to call for reservations is: 818/754-8700 - if you are interested call right away as reservations are going very fast. The show begins at 8 and dinner is at 6:30.
Mike and I are doing our show with some phenomenal musicians; I am so proud and happy to be out there doing my thing. It’s a great Valentine’s Day package so take the one you love or even like a little bit, we’re going to have a great time!

PT: Sounds fun! Thanks for the interview Sandy.

SZ: Be sure to visit Mike and Myself @ you can find out more about us and our music there, See you soon

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